About us

bento is a brand of espadrilles that celebrates a simple lifestyle, starting with the idea of ​​quickly changing from the office outfit to the beach. 

bento inspires women and men to express their style through something elegant and at the same time light and comfortable like classic espadrilles. 

Designed with special care in terms of style and functionality, the products are distinguished by the choice of natural materials, the appreciation of handmade and sustainable production practices.


A bento works with quality materials and chooses partners based on their experience, working conditions and operating philosophies.

The production unit is located in Portugal and guarantees fair remuneration as well as good working conditions. 

A bento is committed to continuous improvement and incorporates environmentally friendly and conscious methods to create products. 

The natural materials are jute, organic cotton, leather and suede and are GOTS and REACH certified.


Whether used to be a reference piece or a discreet surprise, the bento espadrilles are an easy addition to any cool.



A bento is based on four values:


less is more: we present a piece for different styles and varied occasions;  

gender equality

the products presented are for everyone;

conscious consumption

the choice of quality, durable pieces that are produced in Portugal;


the products reflect the authenticity of each person. We believe that each person is special, with different thoughts and ways of living life. Isn't that the beauty of life?


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